Roving and Raw Fiber

Roving and Raw Fiber

Roving and Raw Fiber

Here you will find a variety of Alpaca and Paco Vicuna raw fibers and /or roving. There are natural colors as well as some dyed roving and hand carded batts.

We have most grades of fiber in a few colors. The raw fleeces are all skirted and cleaned to the best of our abilities and no tax on raw fibers for those of you Arizona residents.

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Adult Alpaca Roving -white

Product no.: W2010

$9.00 *
Stock level: 31

Light Fawn Alpaca Roving

Product no.: LF2009

$9.00 *
Stock level: 26

Alpaca Roving

Product no.: DSAROVfawn

$9.00 *
Stock level: 17

Alpaca Mohair Batt

Product no.: Alp/Mohair

$3.50 *
Stock level: 1

Black Roving 80% Alpaca20% Merino

Product no.: BL2009

$7.00 *
Stock level: 50

Mix of Natural Brown Roving

Product no.: DSAROVmix

$9.00 *
Stock level: 20

Natural Silver Roving

Product no.: DSAROV-silver

$9.00 *
Stock level: 21

New Paco-Vicuna Roving

Product no.: CCFROVCAT14

$31.00 / oz *
Stock level: 18 oz

New Black Roving

Product no.: BL2009CCFROV

$5.00 *
Stock level: 24

New Rug Quality Alpaca Fleece

Product no.: Raw Fleece 01

$5.00 / lb *

New Premium Adult Alpaca Fleeces

Product no.: Raw Fleece 02

$35.00 / lb *
* Prices plus sales tax, plus delivery